Guided Prayer

Thank you for choosing to partner with God to bring His kingdom to earth through the gift of prayer.

Enter into His presence with thanksgiving. Thank Him! Thank Him for all the blessings in your life – health, relationships, salvation, kingdom purpose, provision, material possessions, a church, your salvation... and so on.

Enter His presence with praise! Meditate on His Greatness. Praise Him for everything and anything that you can think of – creation, mercy, grace, power, justice, Provider, Healer, forgiveness, love, majesty, that He has adopted you as a son or daughter ... and so on. Psalm 22:3 tells us that He will inhabit your praise.

Acknowledge, confess and turn from any known sin or disobedience in your life so that you can be in full fellowship with God and unbroken communication. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal anything He wants to transform in you.

Pray for Israel during this difficult time of war. Pray for their protection, peace and provision. Pray for their leadership to be led by God’s Spirit. Pray that un-saved Jews would come to the knowledge of Christ as Lord. Pray that no weapon formed against them will prosper.

Pray for the present and coming revival. Ask God to come in a powerful way in Brock and Parker County – For His glory and power to come among His people individually and in His churches in this area. That His kingdom would continue to come to earth and change us forever.

Pray that God would strengthen and purify your faith. Ask Him to give you the ability to believe Him for humanly impossible things. Ask Him to give you big dreams and a hunger to seek first His kingdom.

Ask God for the salvation of the lost in our area. Start praying for everyone you know that needs to know the love of Jesus.

Pray for our leaders here at The Gathering – Brad and Valery Crawford (Worship Leaders), Bryson and Tiffany Clark (Youth Pastors), Ashley Byars (Secretary and Finance), West and Abby Garrison (Children’s Pastors), Mandy Cunningham (Associate Children's Pastor), Shaun and Leslie Herring (Facilities Coordinators), DanE Cokenour (Elder), Chris Martin (Elder), Mike Wiley (Elder), and Jesse Tunnell (Lead Pastor and Elder). Pray for their spiritual and physical protection, that they would have an intense hunger for God’s presence, that they will continually be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray for the protection of their marriages, wisdom and revelation.

Pray for our corporate worship services. Pray that God would be faithful to meet us. Pray that the people will encounter His presence in a real and life-changing way. Pray for an anointing over the worship and ministry teams during worship. Pray for an anointing over Jesse as he teaches the Word. Pray for spiritual freedom to worship the Lord and to respond to Him.

Pray that God would give His children dreams and visions of Himself and His glory. Pray that we would receive and faithfully operate in spiritual gifts. Pray for the wisdom to use those gifts to edify His church. Pray for miracles, signs, and wonders for His kingdom to be furthered.

Pray for The Gathering to gain favor in the community so that we will be able to shine as a light in this community. Pray for favor with the School Board, school counselors, teachers, administrators, the county precinct, the volunteer fire department, local businesses, and favor with the other churches of our community.

Pray for financial increase for our church so that we are not limited in ministry by our financial position. Pray that God will prosper us so we can be generous to all in need for the sake of the Gospel. 

Pray for families of The Gathering. Pray for them individually by name. Pray the same things that you have prayed for our church leaders.

Pray for The Gathering at Adell. Pray that they would see the same things we desire to see here in even greater measure.

Pray for the other churches and their leaders in our community. Pray that God will pour out His Spirit and presence in their individual members and their worship services. Pray for unity among the community churches – First Baptist Brock, Brock United Methodist Church, Brock Church of Christ, and Dennis Baptist Church, Grace Community Fellowship, Greenwood Baptist Church, Silverado Cowboy Church. 

Pray the Psalms. Open the bible to Psalms and start reading them as prayers to the Lord. If you need a recommendation, Psalm 1, 61, 62, 63, 66, 84, 91, 112 are great places to start.

Thank you so much for your commitment to prayer! You just changed the world by interacting with the movement of God in this world through faith. Blessings and peace go with you in the name of Jesus.