Adell Campus

In January of 2019, after 8 years of serving on staff at The Gathering Brock, a prophetic word was spoken over Pastor Jeff that he had received the training he needed for the next step. What the next step was was not immediately clear, though he knew he was called to be a pastor. For a year he searched out land and buildings trying to make something happen. 

Then 2020. 

He gradually let the word slip from his mind as he worked to help keep the church flourishing during a pandemic where opinions were strong but grace had to be stronger. 

Then 2021. 

A small church in Adell, TX was struggling. It so happened that one of our elders, Pastor Mike Wiley had been the pastor of Adell Community Fellowship for 25 years. The current leaders of the church knew they needed help, and prayerfully approached the elders of The Gathering about taking over their church. The building, land, everything. All they needed was a pastor. Immediately the word was renewed in Jeff’s heart and in November of 2021, The Gathering at Adell was born. A sister church, or “one family, two houses.” 

Each body looks a bit different from the other, but we share the same identity in Christ. We have church-wide events where both campuses come together, periodically. May God continue to bless and guide us!

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